12 January 2022

CitiTrail News: January 2022
Florence CIFL01

Coming out of Lockdown? Looking for something to do? Have to get the kids out of the house?

From our friends at CitiTrail we have the following news item. You’ll find the original Item Here!
We believe that it’s time to get out into the world again and what better way to experience the urban outdoors, in a socially distanced acceptable way, than with an Urban Scavenger Hunt.
CitiTrail has now got over 3,600 Global Clues available and we’ve got 20 Urban Hunt Scavenger games in 15 cities around the world, including Paris, Florence, Singapore, London and Sydney!As well, we have 5 Trivia Games, Movie Themed and 3 Race-around-the-Web epic Adventure Hunts.

There’s no charge for any of these games; simply Register Here, then look for the game of your choice here: Choose a Game or find CitiTrail’s Florence game Here!

With restrictions easing around the world, Stay Safe, but go get outdoors!


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