25 September 2021

How to Play a Cititrail Scavenger Hunt Game
How to Play

If you’re looking for a Scavenger or Urban Hunt Trail Adventure, you’ll find it in our existing Races, Games and Tours. Whether you’re a fast runner who wants excitement, a family group looking for a fun few hours roaming your city or a businessman looking to unwind by walking around a foreign city’s historic attractions, we have a trail to suit!

These options are for the CitiTrail website and your login to The Global Game Network will work on that site as well, in fact most of the CitiTrail trails and games have links from The Global Game website.

Joining couldn’t be simpler:

First: Register or Login (Button on top right hand corner):-
You’ll need an email address, a username and a password, enter that and press Register (or Login).

Second: Press the Games button to go to the Games Page and see what’s available:-

Here you have THREE Option Buttons at the top of the Game Page!

1. CREATE: START playing Now or CREATE a Group Game to play. These two Options shows all the games available, ordered by City and Trivia. Click on a game to bring up the information and details about that game. Once you have read those details, at the bottom of the game you’ll see these three Buttons:

START PLAYING means just that: You will immediately get the first clue for that game. If it is a location based game, then make sure you are actually at the start point for the game BEFORE pressing this button, or your time will be much more that you want!

CREATE GROUP allows you to Create a Group Game for a number of people. You can then all start the game at the same time.
You can either invite them, by sending a web-link for them to join, or have them join by going to the game page and pressing the JOIN Button at the top of the Games Page. This will allow your friends to JOIN the game you just CREATED. When everybody is ready, you can press the START Button and you will all start that Game at the same time. REMEMBER THOUGH, you must be at the start location, before pressing start, unless it is a RAW (Race around the Web) or Trivia game!

VIEW LEADERBOARD lets you see who has played that game before and the time you have to beat!

2. JOIN: as detailed above, this button lets you join a Group Game with a number of other people, so that you can all start at the same time!

3. PLAYING: this option lets you go back to a game that you were previously playing! Press it and it will show you any games that you currently have underway. You can then continue playing them.

Simple rules for the existing games, tours and races:

When playing, it is IMPORTANT to note that Answers MUST be given in the correct number of words and length of words. To make this easier, after every question we have a crossword style bracket of numbers – for example (3,5,6), means the answer has three words, the first is three letters, the second is five letters and the third is six letters.

Note that the number of letters includes commas, fullstops and apostrophes, but not spaces. This is particularly important in dates and hyphenated names, so that 15th October 1926 is (4,7,4) and Michael O’Reagan would be (7,8).

BEFORE you start a game, you MUST travel to the mission’s starting point. Apart from our RAW (Race Around the Web), TRIVIA and some special event games, all our Level 1 Cititrail games are real missions in real time. You must actually be standing in the starting point before you START your game, or your first question may not make any sense!

Take water, sun-screen and some snacks and MAKE SURE YOUR MOBILE DEVICE IS FULLY CHARGED! Have Fun!


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